The economy of 5T $ economy thus making us the 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity indices. The accent of any industrial growth of a country will lot depend on the industrial safety protocols being maintained by the Responsible Companies, so as to enhance and maintain their industrial productivity & safety standards.

Location of our Skill Development Center 

We Have two skill development centers in Gujarat. One of our centers is based in Nanafofadia and our second center is based in Meghpar, near Jamnagar. At both of these centres we conduct skill validation, certification and training programmes for the electrical & mechanical disciplines. On the whole there are over 54 trades that are being validated by us encompassing: mechanical and electrical trades right now. However, shortly we intend incorporating civil engineering discipline as well.

Trivedi Institute is the skill development initiative of the Trivedi Group of Companies, addressing the pressing need of skilling India’s youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise.
It reaches to communities, develops skills of people from financially challenged backgrounds and acclimatizes them with the changing work environment. The core philosophy is to create courses that would help in creating and supplying trained manpower across the entire industrial spectrum as well as develop entrepreneurial talent.

Trivedi Institute is an initiative of the Trivedi Group, aimed at actively bridging the gap between vocational education and industry needs. Trivedi Institute began working under the aegis of Trivedi Foundation as a result of the Trivedi Group’s strategy of ‘Simplification, synergy and scale’. The move recognizes the close synergies between Trivedi Institute and the broader community interventions of the Trivedi Foundation. Trivedi Institute is skilling youth from various backgrounds through innovations in technology, pedagogy, and methodology by
Hands-On-Work (HOW) Programme.